As an active Musician, I am acutely aware of the challenges that come with getting a band proficient enough to get on the road and perform live. Months are lost in the practice room with band members working from different song versions, incomplete notes, wrong arrangements etc. It is a very frustrating and often very cumbersome sharing information across emails, texts, numerous file hosting services etc. It has always driven me crazy. This was the seed idea for FifthChannel. 

FifthChannel is the platform that helps bands bring all of their songs together in one place with the overlay of social 'news feed' style interaction. It is about making bands more efficient so that valuable time is not wasted and they can do what they love doing most. Performing live for fans.

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No Code Rapid Innovation

Not armed with the technical skills or the capital to invest in bringing this to reality, I set about looking to alternatives to bring this idea to fruition. In my journey I discovered a platform called 'Bubble' ( that provided all of the capability I required to develop this solution myself, entirety without code... Talk about innovation! 

Suddenly, as the user and the developer of the platform, I was able to iteratively build and test ideas in a highly agile manner. I'd build a function one day and test it that night with my band members. With rapid feedback I could adjust accordingly,

With the power of a library of pre-built API's and a platform that provides UI, Workflow / Rules and the database all in one, I have been able to bring this idea to life and now actively use this with my bands! The biggest challenge is not getting distracted wanting to start building the next idea.

FifthChannel is still in its infancy, as I prepare the minimum viable product for release.

Play in multiple bands. No problems. We support multiple groups.

Play in multiple bands. No problems. We support multiple groups.

Bands bring all their songs into one place. 

Bands bring all their songs into one place. 

I am an active contributor to Bubble's very active developer community. I regularly contribute to help solve problems, provide insight, seek answers and contribute to discussions about start-up culture and discuss the future of Bubble.

In this community I see a new breed of innovator, armed with ideas, the tools and the appropriate level of skill to build and deploy real solutions to real problems, really fast!