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AXA Australia - Marketing & Campaign Management

AXA Australia - Marketing & Campaign Management

As the Campaign Delivery Analyst, Lyndon was responsible for the development and execution of all of AXA’s Customer and Financial Planning direct mail, email and SMS campaigns. This role also demanded a large aspect of solution design to create end-to-end and closed loop marketing sequences linking many contact channels together to drive new sales, cross-sell, up-sell and customer retention initiatives

  • Track sales, click through, registration and other campaign related activity to measure campaign effectiveness and accuracy
  • Developed and monitored complex multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that involved automated life cycles of up to six months using the Affinium Campaign and Affinium E-message application connected to AXA's data warehouse.
  • Developed and maintained trigger based campaigns which would send reactive notification to call centres, BDM's, financial planners etc. based on the activities of customer’s policy record.

Notable outcomes

  • Single handed execution of over 100 campaigns in a single year that contributed to a CRM benefit of $57m
  • Designed and developed a trigger based campaign that detected customer withdrawal activity across different product segments. This single campaign increased customer retention results on written requests to withdraw by over 20% which resulted in a CRM benefit of $18m for the first year.
  • Devised an on premise event check-in process that based on the information fed in via a website delivered targeted emails based on product preferences to clients and advisers