Big Data Office / Chief Technology Office

Program Manager

The Big Data Program, Telstra’s enterprise wide analytics uplift initiative with the objective to create a culture of data driven decision making through four key activities;

  1. Platform establishment – Multi-petabyte Hadoop cluster and associated services for large scale storage and connectivity;
  2. Commercial engagement – Engagement and development of Telstra internal Business Units to identify, shape and execute opportunities through analytical insight;
  3. Data acquisition – Rapid sourcing and consumption of data from across the organisation in a low cost and repeatable manner;
  4. Analytics uplift – Analytical insight, community development, leadership and capability enablement

Lyndon was engaged as Program Manager for the Big Data Office to;

  • Drive the production and socialization of business case through to delivery funding release. ($11.5m)
  • Drive delivery of key program initiatives across platform establishment; data sourcing pipeline prioritisation; commercial pipeline development, scoring and strategic roadmap development
  • Manage ownership and planning of mitigation strategies for program level risks and issues; program spend profile to budget, resourcing plan and logistical matters such as team location and asset management
  • Oversee end to end throughput of program cross functional iterations and continually optimise processes with Agile Coaches to minimize hand-offs and reduce / clear blockers
  • Management of program status reporting and chairing of Big Data management meeting
  • Drive program delivery within the boundaries of Telstra’s complex security, compliance and regulatory requirements

Notable outcomes

  • Upon commencing role, immediately altered program methodology from Waterfall to Agile mid-stream to better support the iterative lifecycle of data / analytics initiatives and enable reduced time to analytical insight.
  • Altering methodology and ceasing Solution Definition reduced the weekly PROPEX burn rate of ~$125K per week down to ~$50K per week (reducing number of resources billing to the program from between 25-30 down to 12).
  • This saving preserved budget to allow the program an additional 8 weeks to overcome challenges in gaining support from the Telstra Investment Community in supporting a negative NPV business case, without running over budget.
  • Re-purposed $900K of budgeted CAPEX to commence purchase of 1.6 petabytes of expandable cloud storage infrastructure
  • Played a key role in successfully gaining support for the negative NPV business case to secure $11.5m in phase 1 funding to;
    • Expand storage to approx. 4 petabytes
    • Ramp up large scale data acquisition
    • Invest in network analytics capability
    • Commence delivery of ‘use case’ development
    • Seeded the establishment of an enterprise wide ‘Analytics Leaders Forum’ with the view to drive cross functional analytical best practices across the numerous community silos across Telstra. This initiative received unanimous support from forum representatives.