NAB Marketing implemented a Domo instance approx. 12 months ago to become the central reporting platform on campaign paid digital media performance. This is a sizeable instance with ~180 users regularly using Domo across both NAB Marketing as well as the two Digital Media Agency Partners. Domo plays a critical role in supporting the operational performance and campaign optimisation activities between NAB and the Agencies. Domo Horizon 1 was intended to transition this activity from spreadsheets to Domo. Horizon 2 was designed to uplift the Domo implementation, providing consolidated campaign dashboards for Campaign Managers, General Managers and Executive team. The major problem to be solved was how to create consolidated dashboards with numerous disconnected third party data sources.

Horizon 2 - Campaign Master Dataset

To solve this, a new end-to-end data flow was designed and implemented bringing all third-party data sources into a unified campaign master dataset, with each data point being progressively mapped to the campaigns (and aligned to budgets and targets), As a result, NAB Management now have the ability to see the relative performance of their digital media spend across all sources (something that has previously been unachievable!). Further to this, the master dataset solution enables NAB to leverage a more cookie cutter dashboard approach, where campaign managers can simply change filters to select their campaign and the entire dashboard will update in real time. This is an improvement that significantly reduces the amount of time NAB and Agency staff spend on developing new dashboards for each new campaign and delivers valuable insights across their paid digital media investments.

Key Implementation Outcomes

  • Drastically reduced report development time
  • Unified campaign channel data
  • Media spend to budgets
  • Campaign performance to targets
  • Modularised and extensible solution design
  • Turning knowledge into data through mapping tables
  • Standardised Beast Mode calculations
  • Duplicatable dashboards for efficient roll-out